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Frequently Asked Questions

What are invisible braces?

Invisible braces are just another commonly used term to refer to aligner orthodontics or teeth straightening using a series of clear aligners.  Some people think of invisible braces as Invisalign.  However, Invisalign is actually just one brand of clear aligners used to straighten teeth.  In the past, teeth straightening was done with traditional braces, made from metal wires and brackets. Although effective, these braces are obviously very noticeable.  Patients demanded a less noticeable option and hence, clear aligners were developed.  Many cases of teeth straightening can be performed with clear aligners.  These days, clear aligners are in many cases just as effective as traditional braces.  Some complex teeth straightening may require brackets and wires braces.  Even these cases, sometimes use clear aligners to do some movements together with traditional braces.

Can I get Invisalign?

Invisalign is just a commonly known brand of clear aligners.  At Central Brisbane Dental we prefer to use ClearPath as our choice of clear aligners.  ClearPath aligners have a patented micro criss-cross pattern which allows their aligners to better grip your teeth and move them.  This avoids the need for the dentist to glue little bits of composite resin filling material to your teeth to support the aligners, which is a common need with other brands like Invisalign.  These bits of filling material don’t look good, are harder to clean and can break away and need replacing.  These are not needed with ClearPath aligners and that is the main reason we prefer to use ClearPath aligners.

What type of braces work the fastest?

These days there is not much difference in treatment duration between traditional metal braces and clear aligners or invisible braces.  The main reasons for choosing clear aligners over traditional braces is not the speed of treatment but because they are much less conspicuous and allows easier oral hygiene and eating.

The complexity of the case determines how long the duration of treatment.  If you have a very mild case that requires very few aligners to complete teeth straightening, your whole treatment with clear aligners could be as short as 12 weeks.  Most cases are moderate cases and are completed within a year.  Expect treatment for severe cases to be for more than one year.

How much do invisible braces cost?

The cost of invisible braces is directly related to the complexity of the teeth straightening you require and the number of aligners needed to treat your case.  If you have fairly minor teeth crowding or spacing, you may only require a few aligners to correct this, and the cost starts at $2599. If you have severe teeth crowding or spacing, you will need many aligners to correct this, and the cost may be up to $6000. We allow patients to pay 50% upfront and pay off the remaining balance over the course of their treatment.

If you want to get a better idea of the costs for your case, take advantage of our free cosmetic consultation which will allows us to review your teeth and come up with a cost and treatment plan for straightening your teeth.  Terms and Conditions.

Invisible Braces Procedure and Cost

Less Visibility, Same End Result!

There is more than one way to do everything in life.  The end result is the same, but the pathway to get to the end may be very different.  Pathways may be different in lengths, taking varying durations to reach the end, and there may be obstacles along the way which make a particular pathway harder to travel.

The same principles apply to straightening your teeth.  Modern orthodontics allow us to straighten teeth using many different methods.  The end result is straighter teeth, but some methods are quicker than others.  Some methods are not as aesthetic, comfortable, cleansable or socially acceptable while treatment is progressing.  If you’re thinking about getting invisible braces then you are probably concerned about how you may look with metal braces in your mouth.  That’s totally fine.  Invisible braces are a great option for straightening teeth while keeping things less noticeable.

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Getting Straight Teeth The Incognito Way!

The traditional pathway of straightening teeth is to use metal brackets and wires, called braces, to align all the teeth.  This generally takes at least 12 months with major patient hesitations being the visible metal brackets and wires, dubbed “train-tracks”, which are considered unsightly, uncomfortable and hard to clean.

This led to the development of a more modern pathway of using a sequence of clear aligners to straighten all the teeth, commonly referred to as “invisible braces”.  These clear aligners are actually nothing like the metal brackets and wires which we picture in our minds when the word braces are mentioned.  They are nicknamed “invisible braces” because they do the teeth straightening job that traditional braces do but do it in a more incognito way.  The aligners are virtually invisible when worn over the teeth as they are thin and clear.  It generally may still take at least 12 months to align all the teeth, but aligners are more socially acceptable and much less intrusive on eating, cleaning and smiling.

Is Invisible Really Better?

When it comes to straightening teeth, it really is better.  There are many reasons why aligners are the preferred method for teeth straightening by both dentists and patients:

  • They are clear and virtually invisible
  • They are removable for easier eating and cleaning
  • They are thinner and more comfortable
  • There are less breakages
  • There is better patient compliance
  • Precise computer analysis and manufacturing
  • Can accurately follow movements provided by each aligner

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Let's Give You Some Clearer Options!

Some patients are after a quicker fix and don’t want all their teeth aligned, only their visible front teeth.  This has led to the same “invisible braces” concept being adapted to treatment of only the front 6 teeth.  Front teeth can be straightened the incognito way using clear aligners or other nearly invisible removable appliances.  Some cases require brackets and wires to move the front teeth effectively and this can be done with clear brackets and tooth coloured wires.  Because only the front teeth are treated, the cost and time required for this orthodontic treatment is reduced.  This is commonly referred to as 6 month braces.

If you choose to straighten all your teeth, our dentists will provide aligner orthodontics through Clearpath.  You can learn more about aligner orthodontics on this page.  If you are interested in a quicker solution that corrects your front teeth only then we will provide that treatment through Quick Straight Teeth.  You can learn more about Quick Straight Teeth on this page.

Free Orthodontic Consult Regarding Invisible Braces:

Come to our Brisbane CBD dental clinic for a free 30 minute orthodontic consult regarding invisible braces*. One of our Brisbane CBD dentists will perform a dental checkup and give you customised options specific to your teeth and case. We will have an in depth discussion about straight teeth and teeth straightening. You will know whether invisible braces with clear aligners is suitable. You will know whether invisible braces with clear brackets and white coloured wires is an option. We will also discuss referral to a specialist orthodontist if this is more appropriate for your case. We will provide you with a treatment plan with dental item numbers to check coverage with your health fund if you have health insurance. We are preferred providers for many health funds, including CBHS, HCF, nib, Australian Unity, AIA Health Insurance,, Frank, GMHBA, My Own Health Insurance and Healthcare Insurance, so you can receive a dental checkup and clean every 6 months for no gap payment or a small gap payment. View Terms and Conditions..  You will know the exact cost of invisible braces provided by our Brisbane CBD dental clinic and anything else you may need and their prices. Most patients are pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the invisible braces cost in the Brisbane CBD and the flexibility of our payment plan options. Invisible braces in Australia can be quite cheap and affordable. You can review this treatment plan at your leisure and ask your dentist any questions you may have before proceeding. We can also provide a referral form to a x-ray clinic to get specific orthodontic treatment x-rays, usually an OPG and a Lat Ceph, for further assessment.  These x-rays are bulk billed by Medicare if you have a Medicare card. You can book your free orthodontic consult by calling us on 3221 8816 or online by filling out our contact request form. View Terms and Conditions.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.