Vegan Friendly Calcium Diet for Strong Teeth

Making the choice to go vegan happens for lots of reasons. Some people don’t feel that animals are treated well in the process of producing meats and dairy products. Others have allergies, and others just see the vegan lifestyle as a healthier alternative. We don’t claim to be an expert on the vegan diet, but we are experts when it comes to your dental health. Today we want to talk about alternative sources of calcium, which can help to strengthen your teeth.

It is common for people to consume milk, cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products to get their calcium, but what if these options are not on the menu for you? Well calcium can be found in a lot of products.


Tofu can be a source of calcium, but not all tofu is created equally. When you are purchasing tofu check out the packaging. You’re looking for tofu with a high calcium intake. There are many brands that provide this option, we don’t want to get involved in what brand of tofu you should eat, but if you are looking for more calcium in your diet, review your options at the grocery store.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are easy to get hold of and easy to work into most of your meals. Add a good sprinkle of sesame seeds in line with your tastes to any meal and watch your daily calcium intake increase.

Dried Fruits

A lot of dried fruits have good levels of calcium. One thing to keep in mind with dried fruits is that they are delicious. So try to avoid eating them as a snack only as this can affect the production and behaviour of natural sugars on your teeth. You want to try to add these to your normal meals. Here are some recipes using dried fruits.
Almond Milk & Butter

Almond milk is a commonly used milk alternative in the vegan diet. It’s not for everybody but the calcium contained can help you get your daily intake up into a healthy level for your dental health. You can use almond milk and butter in the same way as all milk and butter, in your cereal or on your sandwiches, in your cooking etc.

How much calcium do you need?

Most recommendations suggest to consume around 1000mg of calcium every day. Calcium is important for keeping your jaw bones healthy, as well as keeping teeth in place. Children especially need to keep calcium levels high while they are developing to ensure good foundations are set for their future dental health.

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