Travel Insurance Dentist

A dental emergency such as a toothache or broken tooth can be one of most debilitating or inconvenient things at the best of times.  At Central Brisbane Dental, we understand that when this happens when you are travelling or away from home, it makes the problem much worse.  You are away from your family and your usual trusted dentist and may feel like you are alone and don’t know where to go to for help.

In this time of worry and uncertainty, let Central Brisbane Dental be your guide.  We are partnered with many overseas travel insurance companies such as First Assistance, Cigna (formerly known as FirstAssist), Dynamiq, Corporate Services Network (CSN), AXA Insurance, Tricare and International SOS, and are here to help you through this difficult time.

As your Brisbane CBD travel insurance dentist, Central Brisbane Dental can repair your broken tooth, settle your toothache or manage any other dental emergency you may have.  Usually, you will need to make an appointment with us yourself, but in some cases, your travel insurance will make you an appointment with us on your behalf.

Most travel insurance companies request you pay us directly for the treatment.  You will be given an invoice and receipt which you can forward to your travel insurance company to get reimbursed by them according to their terms and conditions.  We are more than happy to assist with any paperwork that may be required.  Sometimes, a travel insurance company will give us a guarantee of payment for your treatment.  In these cases, you do not have to pay anything to us yourself as your travel insurance will pay us directly on your behalf.

Don’t sit on that dental emergency, lost at what to do.  Let Central Brisbane Dental be your Brisbane CBD Travel Insurance Dentist today!

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