Get a checkup and clean for $0 out-of-pocket.  We accept whatever your health fund pays us for your 1st checkup and clean with us and write off the rest.*

$0 Checkup and Clean*

Want to know if implants, veneers or invisible braces are right for you?  Come in for a free 30 minute consult to discuss which options suit you best.*

Free Cosmetic Consult*

Brighten your smile with in-chair teeth whitening using the famous Zoom system.  Normally $990, get it for only $550. Includes a free cosmetic consult.*

$550 Teeth Whitening*

What does a dentist use himself to clean his own teeth at home? What items are found in a dentist’s bathroom that he uses every day to clean his teeth? What things are found in his teeth cleaning kit when he goes away on holidays? Patients want to know if dentists do what they preach. Are the oral hygiene items they recommend me use the same as the ones they use themselves?

At Central Brisbane Dental, we give a free oral hygiene pack to every patient after their checkup and clean appointment. Inside the pack are things we recommend they use with simple oral hygiene instructions on how to brush and floss properly. There is an extra soft Colgate or Oral B toothbrush as we recommend very soft bristles to avoid damaging the teeth and gums during cleaning. Most patients receive a general toothpaste such as Colgate Total or Oral B Gum Care and Enamel Restore. For those with sensitive teeth, we provide either Sensodyne Repair and Protect or Colgate Sensitive instead of a general toothpaste to help reduce sensations. A small Colgate or Oral B floss is also included.

These items are provided to the patient to encourage good oral hygiene practices. We can use them as props to discuss their recommended oral hygiene routine. There’s also less excuses if you have the appropriate tools we recommend you use provided to you.

These are the same oral hygiene items I use myself. When I go away on holidays, I actually take two of these oral hygiene packs with me – one for myself and one for my wife. At home, we use an Oral B Genius rechargeable electric toothbrush instead of a manual toothbrush as I like the oscillating cleaning action of the powered toothbrush. A manual toothbrush is still fine to use so I use one when I am away on holidays when I don’t want to take the electric one. We still use an extra soft toothbrush head called a Sensitive Clean brush head.

Did you know you can get 2 checkup and cleans a year for $0 or a very small out-of-pocket when you come and see us and use your health fund?*

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