Smile on Mother’s Day!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all Mothers could smile on Mother’s Day!  Mother’s Day is a celebration of Mothers and what they do for their families, especially their children.  With all the sacrifices, Mothers are entitled to be able to not only smile on Mother’s Day, but fully enjoy this day that is dedicated to them.

However, there are many reasons why some Mothers cannot smile on Mother’s Day.  I’m not even talking about the relationship problems between Mothers and their children or vice versa.  I’m talking literally about being able to smile and not being embarrassed about their mouths.

I had a patient recently who presented with this very problem.  She was meeting up with her children and her grandchildren who she had not seen for a long time on Mother’s Day and wanted to be able to smile properly when she greeted everybody, and especially for the family photos.  She had an old ill-fitting upper partial denture that was very discoloured and had chipped acrylic teeth, which she felt made her mouth look rotten.  She only smiled with her lips pursed together so that she would not show any teeth or her denture.  She needed the denture replaced urgently and at a low cost as she was a pensioner.

Time was limited as we only had a week but I managed to replace her old denture with a low costing, new upper partial denture just in time for Mother’s Day.  When I tried in the denture and she saw her new smile, she cried.  She said for the past few years she had been afraid to meet up with her young grandchildren in person as she thought her teeth would scare them.  She said she is now no longer embarrassed of her mouth and couldn’t stop showing off her teeth with a gigantic smile when she left the practice.  I’m glad that she can now smile on Mother’s Day!

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