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Invisible Braces

Getting straight teeth the incognito way!

There is more than one way to do everything in life. The end result is the same, but the pathway to get to the end may be very different. Pathways may be different in lengths, taking varying durations to reach the end, and there may be obstacles along the way which make a particular pathway harder to travel.

The same principles apply to orthodontic treatment. Contemporary orthodontics allow us to straighten teeth using many different methods. The end result is straighter teeth, but some methods are quicker than others and some methods are not as aesthetic, comfortable, cleansable or socially acceptable while treatment is progressing.

The traditional pathway of straightening teeth is to use metal brackets and wires, called braces, to align all the teeth. This generally takes at least 12 months with major patient hesitations being the visible metal brackets and wires, dubbed “train-tracks”, which are considered unsightly, uncomfortable and hard to clean.

This led to the development of a more modern pathway of using a sequence of clear aligners to straighten all the teeth, commonly referred to as “invisible braces”. These clear aligners are actually nothing like the metal brackets and wires which we picture in our minds when the word braces are mentioned. They are nicknamed “invisible braces” because they do the teeth straightening job that traditional braces do but do it in a more incognito way as the aligners are virtually invisible when worn over the teeth as they are thin and clear. It generally may still take at least 12months to align all the teeth, but aligners are more socially acceptable and much less intrusive on eating, cleaning and smiling.

Central Brisbane Dental provides aligner orthodontics through ClearPath. Please visit our Aligner Orthodontics page for more information.

Some patients are after a quicker fix and don’t want all their teeth aligned, only their visible front teeth. This has led to the same “invisible braces” concept being adapted to treatment of only the front six teeth. Front teeth can be straightened the incognito way using clear aligners or other nearly invisible removable appliances. Some cases require brackets and wires to move the front teeth effectively and this can be done with clear brackets and tooth coloured wires. Because only the front teeth are treated, the cost and time required for this orthodontic treatment is much reduced, hence commonly referred to as 6 month braces.

Central Brisbane Dental provides front teeth orthodontic treatment through Quick Straight Teeth (QST). Please visit our Quick Straight Teeth page for more information.

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