How Much Sugar Is In Your Favourite Chocolate?

Do you know how much sugar is in your favourite chocolate?  We all know our favourite chocolate contains a lot of sugar but exactly how much we have no clue.  Here’s a list of my 20 favourite chocolate snacks and the amount of sugar they contain:

  1. Ferrero Rocher – 5g per rocher
  2. Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Ball – 5.4g per ball
  3. Kinder Surprise – 10.4g per egg
  4. Kinder Bueno – 17.6g per pack of 2 bars
  5. Maltesers – 22.4g per 40g pack
  6. Maltesers Teasers Bar – 19.3g per 35g pack
  7. Freddo Frog – 20g per 35g bar
  8. Caramello Koala – 19.1g per 35g bar
  9. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar 28.6g per 50g bar
  10. Milky Way – 14.5g per 25g bar
  11. Picnic – 19.5g per 46g bar
  12. Twirl – 22g per pack of 2 bars
  13. Kit Kat – 22.6g per 45g pack of 4 bars
  14. Snickers – 24.7g per 50g bar
  15. Cherry Ripe – 24.9g per 52g bar
  16. Twix – 25.8g per 55g pack of 2 bars
  17. Mars Bar – 30.6g per 53g bar
  18. M & M’s – 32.7g per 49g pack
  19. M & M’s Peanut 0 25.7g per 46g pack
  20. M & M’s Crispy – 23.8g per 38g pack

So now you know how much sugar is in your favourite chocolate.  Did you know that a limit of approximately 15 grams of added sugar per day is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO)?  This includes sugar from your favourite chocolate.  So you can see how easily our favourite chocolate snack goes beyond this limit.  One bar or pack may already be more than the amount of added sugar you should be having per day.

This is not to say that you cannot enjoy your favourite chocolate snack.  This is just a kind reminder of how much sugar is in your favourite chocolate and that it should be consumed in moderation for general health together with a balanced diet, regular exercise and of course coming from a dentist, good oral hygiene.

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