DVA Dentist

DVA Dentist

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) issues DVA health cards on behalf of the Australian government.  The DVA health card gives veterans, war widows and widowers, and their dependents access to dental services paid fully by the government with no out-of-pocket expense.

Central Brisbane Dental is proud to look after our Veterans’ and their family by accepting the DVA health card.  As Central Brisbane Dental is a Brisbane CBD DVA Dentist, simply present your Veterans’ health card at our practice and we will provide any necessary dental treatment you require and bill the government for payment on your behalf.  You do not need to pay anything to us yourself.

As Central Brisbane Dental is a Brisbane CBD DVA Dentist, most dental services offered by the practice are covered by this arrangement.  Come in for your 6 monthly check-up and cleaning.  Receive fillings for broken teeth and tooth decay if you need them.  If you have a severe toothache, get a root canal treatment or an extraction if that is the treatment that is required.

There are some restrictions and annual monetary limits on some services, but your limit will reset each calendar year.  For example, if your current denture is becoming loose, DVA will only pay for a new denture every six years.  You may have to get a denture reline instead, which they allow every two years.  If you require two crowns, you may only be able to do one crown this year and have to wait till next year before being covered for another crown.

Some services such as dental implants require prior financial authorisation.  We can arrange this on your behalf by submitting a request to DVA if required.

Let us give back to our brave Veterans who served and protected our country.  Let us look after your dental needs as your Brisbane CBD DVA Dentist!

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