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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do dentures cost in Brisbane?

Dentures are often used as a cheaper alternative to dental bridges or dental implants. A dental implant and crown attached to it usually costs $4000 and will only replace a single missing tooth. A bridge can replace multiple teeth but only those close together. A bridge covering three teeth usually costs $4500. A denture can be used to replace many teeth and the one denture can be used to replace teeth in different parts of the jaw. An acrylic or plastic denture replacing one or only a few teeth usually costs $1000. A metal denture replacing one or only a few teeth are stronger and usually costs $2000. A denture replacing all the teeth in one jaw called a full denture usually costs $2600.

You will need to consult your dentist to determine if dentures are a viable option for you and if they are even the right option for you. It’s always best to keep as much of your natural teeth as possible, but costs and preserving your long term dental health are factors we will consider when talking to you about your treatment options.

Can you sleep with dentures in?

You are able to sleep with dentures in place but we do recommend that you don’t do this.  Removing your dentures while you sleep allows your gums and bone to relax from any pressure that is placed on them from the use of the dentures throughout the day.  Leaving your dentures in place all the time can accelerate gum and bone resorption and hasten the need for replacing dentures as they may become looser more quickly.  Not letting denture-supporting tissues a chance to rest and heal without having the dentures in place may also the increase the risk of infections in the tissues, especially if there is food and bacteria caught under the dentures.

Can you still eat with dentures?

The idea of dentures is that they replace your missing or severely damaged teeth while allowing you to live a normal life. This includes the consumption of food. However, dentures are often not the most ideal option for teeth replacement and, although they are very good, they are just not the same as your original teeth or a dental bridge or dental implant. Because of this small difference in capability you should be mindful of your dentures when eating certain foods such as foods that are a bit harder to chew like nuts or steak.

How can you prevent your dentures from smelling?

Just like bad breath, you can treat and prevent bad smells with good dental hygiene. Bad smells are usually caused by little bits of food that get stuck between teeth and left for a period of time. With dentures, food can get stuck in between the dentures and your teeth and gums or underneath the dentures. Dentures are essentially removable teeth. So you should remove them regularly and brush and clean them regularly. You should also take care to keep the gum areas and your remaining natural teeth clean and free of food particles and such. There are also specific denture cleaning agents, such as Polident and Steradent, that can be used occasionally according to their instructions.

Will your dentures change the shape of your face?

Dentures are designed to replace your original teeth and surrounding tissues and so may alter the shape of your face in a good way. If you have lost a lot of teeth, your face shape may have altered because of this, particularly cheeks sinking inwards due to lack of support from the teeth. When your new dentures are ready and fitted, you will immediately notice the shape of your face looking more like it was before the loss of teeth occurred as the dentures help support the facial tissues.

Dentures Procedure and Cost

For Young And Old

When we think of dentures, we often picture grandma’s false teeth in a glass of water sitting on her bedside table.  Grandma has taken her dentures out to sleep so you can see she has no teeth at all and a very gummy smile.  These types of dentures are called full dentures and are needed when there are no teeth left in the mouth.  They are usually made of plastic teeth in a plastic base and fit over the gum and bone in the mouth which were originally housing the real teeth.

A denture may also be used when only one or some teeth are missing and the patient still has some of their own teeth.  In this case, a denture replaces a tooth with a plastic one attached to a metal or plastic framework.  The framework wraps around the remaining teeth and surrounding soft tissues.  It usually has clips or clasps attached to other teeth to help hold the denture in place.  These are commonly known as partial dentures or plates.

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Look At That Coverage

Dentures are a lower cost means of replacing missing teeth, but need the most getting used to because it covers a lot of the mouth that would not otherwise be covered.  A denture has the greatest impact on comfort, speech and eating until the patient adapts to it.  It is not fixed in place and needs to be removed for cleaning and to give the tissues that it covers time to rest and recover.  It can be used as a permanent long term option, but is commonly used as an interim option until a bridge or an implant is made.

Dentures replacing the top teeth tend to be easier on the patient.  There is a large area of tissue for the denture to sit on, including the hard palate.  The shape of the palate can help create suction with the denture which helps hold an upper denture in place.  Dentures replacing the bottom teeth are generally harder to get used.  The tongue rests against the lower teeth and may push against and dislodge a lower denture.  Unlike the upper jaw, there is less stable tissue in the lower jaw that can help retain a denture in position.  For this reason, a lower denture may be loose and uncomfortable to wear.

Is It That Time Already?

Although traditional dentures have been superceded by bridges and dental implants, they are still useful in certain cases.  Dentures can be advantageous for the following reasons:

  • Cost-effective option
  • 1 denture can replace many teeth
  • Option to be supported by implants
  • Can be used as interim option until bridge or implant
  • Removable for easier cleaning

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Dental implants can be placed in the jaw bone to retain a denture which may otherwise be loose and uncomfortable.  Several implants can be connected by a bar onto which the denture can sit.  Alternatively, attachments can be placed over the implants which connect with reciprocal attachments in the denture.

Sometimes a denture is needed to replace a front teeth that needs to be removed.  So there is no time without a front tooth, a denture can be made before the tooth is extracted.  The denture can be used to cover the extraction site and guide tissue healing.  There is some inaccuracy with this technique, however, as it cannot be fully predicted exactly how the tissue covered by the denture will heal.  This type of denture is called an immediate denture and may require relining to compensate for this inaccuracy.  Relining a denture involves giving the denture a new inner surface so it better adapts to the underlying gum and bone.  This can only be done a limited number of times before the denture needs to be remade.

Dentures Are More Than Just A Cheap Option:

It doesn’t matter whether you are overseas, anywhere in Australia or locally in Brisbane, dentures are usually a cheap option for replacing missing teeth or teeth that need to be removed when compared to dental implants and dental bridges.  There are different types of dentures.  Full dentures replace all the teeth, while partial dentures are suitable when some of your own teeth are still present.  The cost of a full set of dentures is obviously more than a partial denture cost.  There are many stages of getting dentures to make sure they have a good fit.  The partial denture or full denture procedure involves taking moulds to make a denture framework and trying this in and adjusting until the fit and the bite are correct.  It might take a few reviews to get everything perfect.  The full denture cost or partial denture price includes all this.  The meaning of getting dentures is often misunderstood.  It is thought of as a budget option.  However, getting so-called cheap dentures is actually quite a complex procedure and more than just a cheap option.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.