Cleveland Cavaliers Proving the Importance of Sports Mouthguards

The reigning NBA champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, are proving the importance of sports mouthguards.  During the regular season, they have already had three separate incidents involving the mouths and teeth of their players.  Two of the incidents were confirmed to be due to heavy physical contact while playing on court, where sports mouthguards prevented more serious injury to the teeth and gums.

On 4 March 2017, defensive minded shooting guard, Iman Shumpert, was elbowed in the mouth by the Miami Heat’s James Johnson during a game.  This caused Shumpert’s front teeth to be chipped, making him play on without full front teeth for the night and requiring dental restorations afterwards.  If Shumpert wasn’t wearing a sports mouthguard, the injury would have been much worse, possibly root canal treatment or extraction of the teeth, the Cleveland Cavalier proving the importance of sports mouthguards.

The most recent incident on 19 March 2017 was even worse.   Centre Tristan Thompson had his two upper front teeth pushed backwards by Los Angeles Laker Julius Randle’s errant elbow.  Thompson left the game with a bloodied mouth in the third quarter and did not return to the game.  His teeth had to be repositioned back into place and secured with a wire splint by the Laker’s team dentist.  It could have been much worse, a real possibility of having his teeth knocked fully out of his mouth if he wasn’t wearing a mouthguard.  Speaking to the press after the game, Thompson said, “If I didn’t have a good mouthguard, I’d have a tough time having a good dinner tonight, so God bless my mouthguard!”.

With these incidents, the Cleveland Cavaliers are proving the importance of sports mouthguards.  Do you wear a sports mouthguard when you play contact sports?  Do you have a proper one custom made by a dentist to ensure the best protection for your teeth and gums?  Come see us at Central Brisbane Dental to get your own custom sports mouthguard today!

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