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With all the news since the last budget announcement that the Australian Government would discontinue the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), many patients have been asking us would they still be able to bring their children in for treatment under this scheme in 2017.  Central Brisbane Dental is happy to confirm that we can still be your Child Dental Benefits Schedule Dentist in the Brisbane City.

The Australian Government’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule has survived despite previous plans to axe the scheme and replace it with a combined child and adult version.  The previously proposed child and adult Public Dental Scheme (caPDS) has been ridiculed as poorly designed and funded and has been scraped for the time being.

However, under the revised Child Dental Benefits Schedule, instead of eligible children from low income families receiving up to $1000 to use on basic dental services at a private dentist over a two year period, starting from January 2017, this cap amount has been reduced to $700.  If your child commenced a cap period in 2016, then they will still have the full $1000 to use until the end of 2017.  However, all children starting a new two year cap period in 2017, will only receive up to $700 in benefits until the end of 2018.

For some children, the $1000 cap was already not enough to provide essential dental treatment, so reducing the cap by $300 will make obtaining the right dental care even harder.  However, as a healthcare service, we are thankful that the scheme is still existent so we can continue to help children from lower income families receive the dental care they need.

Let Central Brisbane Dental be your Child Dental Benefits Schedule dentist in the Brisbane City!  Bring in your Child Dental Benefits Schedule Letter from the Government and we can process the paperwork for you and start helping your child receive the dental care they need.

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