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Tooth Regeneration

Tooth regeneration is a dentist’s dream.  When a tooth breaks down due to dental decay, the cavity is repaired with a filling.  This works well but a filling is still an artificial material.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your tooth could just regenerate when it is damaged?  The regenerated area would be made of the same mineral as the rest of the tooth, no artificial substance needed.

Have You Inherited Genes for Weaker Teeth?

Are you someone who brushes and flosses their teeth religiously twice a day, but still gets tooth decay and cavities that need fillings?  Are you very strict with your diet and don’t eat or drink things that are high in sugar and acid, but still suffer from sensitive teeth?  Do you go to the dentist for a check-up and clean every six months, but still seem to have trouble with your teeth?  You may have inherited genes for weaker teeth.

Tooth Mousse Plus – A Plus for Your Teeth!

As its name suggests, Tooth Mousse Plus is a major plus for your teeth!  Tooth Mousse Plus is a cream that protects and strengthens your teeth.  It contains the minerals calcium, phosphate and fluoride that are important for strong, healthy teeth.  Calcium and phosphate are the essential building blocks in tooth structure, while fluoride uptake into tooth structure makes it stronger and more resistant to acid.

Do You Use Dr Google For Dental Advice?

Do you use Dr Google for medical or dental advice?  Do you look up your own symptoms on the internet and try and self-diagnose what you have or why you are sick?  Do you try and match online pictures of medical conditions to what you are currently suffering from?  Apparently three in five Australians do this instead of going to see a health professional such as a doctor or dentist.

Breastfeeding Can Help Your Child’s Oral Health

Little has been mentioned specifically about how breastfeeding can help your child’s oral health.  It is commonly known that breastfeeding is good for both mother and baby.  Breast milk provides the baby with nutrients, proteins, immune cells and antibodies that helps a baby’s development and protects against infection.  For the mother, breastfeeding is known to prevent breast cancer and reduce the risk of diabetes and ovarian cancer.  However, not many people know that breastfeeding can help your child’s oral health.

Your Child Dental Benefits Schedule Dentist in the Brisbane City

With all the news since the last budget announcement that the Australian Government would discontinue the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), many patients have been asking us would they still be able to bring their children in for treatment under this scheme in 2017.  Central Brisbane Dental is happy to confirm that we can still be your Child Dental Benefits Schedule Dentist in the Brisbane City.