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Get a checkup and clean for $0 out-of-pocket.  We accept whatever your health fund pays us for your 1st checkup and clean with us and write off the rest.*

$0 Checkup and Clean*

Want to know if implants, veneers or invisible braces are right for you?  Come in for a free 30 minute consult to discuss which options suit you best.*

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Brighten your smile with in-chair teeth whitening using the famous Zoom system.  Normally $990, get it for only $550. Includes a free cosmetic consult.*

$550 Teeth Whitening*

Are You An Awesome Dad?

There’s always the joke that we don't want socks and jocks as presents.  For myself, I have been eying some of the Lego Batman construction sets or maybe another PS4 game.  Sin ...

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The Boy With Bad Teeth

A story I wrote for my little boy, Jasper, to help him understand the importance of looking after your teeth: A boy had bad teeth And was sorry to smile Between those bad tee ...

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A Small Prick For Mankind

If you could protect yourself and your family, you would jump at it wouldn't you?  Anyone in their right mind would immediately answer yes to this question.  However, this is the ...

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Food For Thought

What did you order the last time you went out for dinner at a restaurant?  How healthy was it?  We have all read and heard appraisals about how great tasting but unhealthy the fo ...

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I Love Going to the Dentist!

Can you say “I love going to the dentist!”?  One of my very young patients wrote that on the colouring-in sheet we gave her to complete while she was waiting for her mum who w ...

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Did you know you can get 2 checkup and cleans a year for $0 or a very small out-of-pocket when you come and see us and use your health fund?*