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Are You An Awesome Dad?

There’s always the joke that we don’t want socks and jocks as presents.  For myself, I have been eying some of the Lego Batman construction sets or maybe another PS4 game.  Since we had our little boy, Jasper, we try and give presents that we can all enjoy together as a family.  He loves all things Batman, building Lego together and playing games, be it board games or PS4 games.  However, above any wrapped gift, there’s nothing more I want this Father’s Day than for us to continue to spend quality time together.

The Boy With Bad Teeth

A story I wrote for my little boy, Jasper, to help him understand

the importance of looking after your teeth:

A boy had bad teeth

And was sorry to smile

Between those bad teeth

Food got stuck for a while

A Small Prick For Mankind

If you could protect yourself and your family, you would jump at it wouldn’t you?  Anyone in their right mind would immediately answer yes to this question.  However, this is the very question that is asked when it comes to immunisation for preventable diseases and I’m afraid the statistics show that many of us are not only not jumping to do so, but have not considered it at all.

Food For Thought

What did you order the last time you went out for dinner at a restaurant?  How healthy was it?  We have all read and heard appraisals about how great tasting but unhealthy the food is from a restaurant.  But have you read and heard how does a restaurant meal rate from a dental perspective?  Let’s have a look at a typical restaurant meal in regards to the impact on your teeth.

I Love Going to the Dentist!

Can you say “I love going to the dentist!”?  One of my very young patients wrote that on the colouring-in sheet we gave her to complete while she was waiting for her mum who was getting a check-up and clean.  She showed it to me proudly and said “I love coming in and seeing you!”.  It made me feel fantastic and I wished all patients were like this.

Smile on Mother’s Day!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all Mothers could smile on Mother’s Day!  Mother’s Day is a celebration of Mothers and what they do for their families, especially their children.  With all the sacrifices, Mothers are entitled to be able to not only smile on Mother’s Day, but fully enjoy this day that is dedicated to them.

Foods and Drinks Endorsed by Celebrities

Foods and drinks endorsed by celebrities are everywhere from large billboards to magazine advertisements to TV commercials.  Celebrities are paid millions of dollars to spruik many foods and drinks.  It is common knowledge that Justin Timberlake was paid $6 million for McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it” jingle.  In 2012, Beyonce was rumoured to have signed a contract worth $50 million to endorse Pepsi.

Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy may be fictitious fantasy. but it can play a helpful role in teaching children about baby tooth loss and encourage good oral hygiene habits.

The tooth fairy has been providing comfort to children when they lose a tooth from generation to generation.  When a child loses their tooth, they are encouraged to place it under their pillow and that night the tooth fairy will come and take their tooth away and replace it with a small amount of money.

Have You Inherited Genes for Weaker Teeth?

Are you someone who brushes and flosses their teeth religiously twice a day, but still gets tooth decay and cavities that need fillings?  Are you very strict with your diet and don’t eat or drink things that are high in sugar and acid, but still suffer from sensitive teeth?  Do you go to the dentist for a check-up and clean every six months, but still seem to have trouble with your teeth?  You may have inherited genes for weaker teeth.

Breastfeeding Can Help Your Child’s Oral Health

Little has been mentioned specifically about how breastfeeding can help your child’s oral health.  It is commonly known that breastfeeding is good for both mother and baby.  Breast milk provides the baby with nutrients, proteins, immune cells and antibodies that helps a baby’s development and protects against infection.  For the mother, breastfeeding is known to prevent breast cancer and reduce the risk of diabetes and ovarian cancer.  However, not many people know that breastfeeding can help your child’s oral health.