Emergency Dentist Brisbane

Who’s the most reliable emergency dentist Brisbane has to offer? As we understand you may be in considerable discomfort, Central Brisbane Dental prides ourselves in seeing patients with dental emergencies quickly so you may feel better sooner.
Emergency Dentist Brisbane

Emergency Dentist Brisbane

Murphy’s Law!

We understand the age old principle that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong – the ever correct and reliable Murphy’s Law! This happens with everything in life and our teeth and gums are unfortunately not excluded. Our emergency dentist team know that accidents, big or small, happen every day ranging from minor incidents such as mistakenly biting on something hard that wasn’t supposed to be in our food, or biting too enthusiastically and crunching on the food as well as our fork, to major incidents like oral and facial trauma from sporting or other injuries. We may also develop toothache on or after eating or unstimulated out of the blue, or even wake up in excruciating pain or with a gum or cheek swelling for no apparent reason.

However, there is always a reason for the sensation. Direct trauma resulting in a broken tooth or cut on the gum is easy to correlate, but pain or swelling that seems to happen out of the blue is more difficult to understand but is usually due to underlying problems. Our bodies are good at telling us when something is not quite right by providing us with a feeling usually in the form of a sharpness or irritation to the tongue or cheek, sensitivity to temperatures or pressure or outright pain. Sometimes these sensations are very mild and they seem to go away by themselves so we chose to ignore them. Because the sensation is minor and infrequent we think that it is nothing serious and if it goes away by itself we don’t need to get it looked at, not understanding that this is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong and it needs attention before it becomes worse. Too often, we leave early tooth decay and gum disease as well small chips and cracks in the teeth undiagnosed and untreated until they are well advanced and present as a massive toothache or pain in the gum.

When dealing with dental emergencies, the most important factor is time. It cannot be stressed enough that seeing an emergency dentist when the problem first begins is your best chance at a simple solution. A small area of decay or a little break or crack in a tooth may be restored with a simple filling, but large areas of decay and major loss of tooth structure may necessitate root canal treatment and crowning of the tooth. Swollen and bleeding gums with little or no bone destruction may be treated simply by ultrasonic cleaning, but severe gum infections may result in looseness of the tooth as the bone is completely destroyed and require extraction or removal of the tooth. When a tooth is completely knocked out of the mouth, if it cannot be placed back into its socket quickly, it may not be able to be replaced at all and even if we try, the chance of it surviving there is very low.

At Central Brisbane Dental, we deliberately leave appointment spots available for dental emergencies every day. This allows us the time to not only see you for a consultation but start the treatment to get you out of pain or bother straight away if you want to.  If you are looking for the most reliable emergency dentist Brisbane has to offer, then come see us at Central Brisbane Dental.

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