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The Problem with Mouth Breathing

Most people comfortably breathe through their nose.  Some people find it necessary or easier to breath with their mouth.  However, the mouth is not meant for breathing.  As mouth breathing is not the body’s most natural way to receive oxygen, there may be some negative dental consequences.



Home Remedies For A Painful Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth pain can be very intense.  It may be a constant ache or only when you touch the area.  It may last for a few days and subside by itself and then come back again with a vengeance and repeat.  You may not be able to use or even open your mouth very well.  There could be a bad taste and smell from the area.

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Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom teeth are literally a real pain.  They can cause discomfort and swelling of the gum and cheek.  You may feel pressure on adjacent teeth from the wisdom teeth pushing on them.  They can get infected and cause abscesses with a bad taste and smell.

Wisdom Teeth