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No Dental Knockoffs

There has been reports in the news recently of dental practices using dental equipment bought from ebay to save money.  Rest assured.  Central Brisbane Dental only buys and uses dental equipment from large, reputable dental companies with a local office in Brisbane.



Beware of Fake Dental Products

Everyone buys things online these days.  Everything is available unlike the limited choices and quantities at your average shop at the local shopping centre.  You can get what you want delivered straight to your door too.

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Would you buy everything online?  I know I buy clothes and toys online.  How about food and medications?  Would you buy these online?


3 Reasons for Gum Recession

Although gum recession is only a loss of a little bit of gum tissue, it can be a very big problem.  Many patients are concerned because it is aesthetically displeasing.  Gum recession can make the teeth look longer and older than they actually are.  Without the protection of the gums, the neck of the tooth where the gum has receded may look yellower or even be indented.  Many patients complain of sensitivity to cold, hot and sweet things around teeth that have gum recession.  They may need to use sensitive toothpastes or get fillings to cover and protect the areas.

Recession a1


4 Strategies to Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay leads to tooth structure destruction and cavities in the teeth.  Cavities cause the teeth to be sensitive to cold, hot and sweet things, which may need fillings.  Very large cavities may compromise the nerve of a tooth and cause toothache, which may need root canal treatment or extraction of the tooth.



Are You An Awesome Dad?

There’s always the joke that we don’t want socks and jocks as presents.  For myself, I have been eying some of the Lego Batman construction sets or maybe another PS4 game.  Since we had our little boy, Jasper, we try and give presents that we can all enjoy together as a family.  He loves all things Batman, building Lego together and playing games, be it board games or PS4 games.  However, above any wrapped gift, there’s nothing more I want this Father’s Day than for us to continue to spend quality time together.

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Are You Flossing Properly?

When we talk about flossing, most patients say they know how to do it, they just don’t do it.  However, when we start demonstrating how to floss properly, they are surprised that their idea of flossing is totally different to that recommended by a dentist.  Even those who floss every day may not be doing it most effectively.