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The Dark Side of a White Tooth

Have you seen someone smile and noticed they had a dark upper front tooth?  It doesn’t always mean they don’t brush their teeth so their upper front tooth is badly decayed.  Commonly, the dark coloured upper front tooth is due to a previous knock to the tooth which has caused it to die.

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A Small Prick For Mankind

If you could protect yourself and your family, you would jump at it wouldn’t you?  Anyone in their right mind would immediately answer yes to this question.  However, this is the very question that is asked when it comes to immunisation for preventable diseases and I’m afraid the statistics show that many of us are not only not jumping to do so, but have not considered it at all.



Food For Thought

What did you order the last time you went out for dinner at a restaurant?  How healthy was it?  We have all read and heard appraisals about how great tasting but unhealthy the food is from a restaurant.  But have you read and heard how does a restaurant meal rate from a dental perspective?  Let’s have a look at a typical restaurant meal in regards to the impact on your teeth.



Do You Wash Your Hands Enough?

How often do you wash your hands?  Transfer of germs from the hands is one of the most common pathways to pass on disease.  Our hands touch many things that may not be clean and if we touch someone or something else afterwards, the germs on our hands can be transmitted to that person or item.  Good hand hygiene limits this transmission of germs.  You can wash your hands with soap and water or if your hands are not visibly soiled, you can use an alcohol-based handrub to disinfect your hands.



Dangers of Dental Tourism

Do you fully understand the dangers of dental tourism?  I hear it from patients all the time.  “If it costs this much for dental treatment in Australia, I might as well go to Thailand and get all my teeth done for a fraction of the cost there and have a holiday at the same time!”.  Many patients are only having a whinge about the cost of dental treatment in Australia and are not seriously considering going overseas for their dental care at all.  However, there are some patients that actually consider dental tourism as something they realistically want to do.  I actually can’t believe the number of people who want to go overseas for cheap dental treatment without understanding the dangers of dental tourism.



I Love Going to the Dentist!

Can you say “I love going to the dentist!”?  One of my very young patients wrote that on the colouring-in sheet we gave her to complete while she was waiting for her mum who was getting a check-up and clean.  She showed it to me proudly and said “I love coming in and seeing you!”.  It made me feel fantastic and I wished all patients were like this.



Health Warnings on Sugary Snacks

There has been discussion about placing health warnings on sugary snacks in an effort to limit their consumption.  Much the same as the graphic pictures detailing the health risks associated with tobacco on cigarette packs, it has been proposed that a similar warning might deter people from buying and consuming sugary snacks.  It has been claimed that eating sugary snacks may be just as lethal to our health as smoking, so similar tactics should apply to both in reducing their existence.



Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays are a useful tool for diagnosing problems in the mouth we cannot see with the naked eye.  No matter how good the eyesight of your dentist or how much magnification we use, there are simply areas that cannot be seen with normal eyesight.  Unless we have x-ray vision like Superman, we cannot see between the teeth, underneath the gums and in the jaw bone, and dental problems in these areas may be left undetected until it is too late.  Digital dental x-rays give the dentist x-ray vision to see otherwise hidden areas to properly diagnose problems and treat them in a timely manner.



Painless Fillings

There is such a thing as painless fillings.  Continuing our recent theme of making your dental visit not only a pleasant experience but a wonderful one, let us discuss how we can make the dental procedure you require, an easy one.  There are some dental procedures that scare many patients and getting fillings in their teeth is one that is at the top of many patients’ lists.  Many patients are extremely fearful of the needle that is needed to numb the teeth, or the sounds and vibrations of the dental drill.  However, fillings can be done these days without the need for a needle or a lot of drilling, hence the term, painless fillings.

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